Self Watering 2 Liter Bottle

View the below photo diagram on making a self watering 2 liter bottle. This photo example shows how to build a “deep root” self watering device with recycled 2 Liter Bottles. Note: This example shows the hose length of 10 inches due to the target plant’s root depth (melon vines). Please research the plant’s root depth and adjust accordingly.

Step 1: Materials: (1) Recycled 2 Liter Bottle (2) Scissors (3) Duck Tape (4) Hose (Recycled Garden Hose)

Step 2: Cut 2 Liter Bottle with Scissors

Step 3: Layer tape 1 inch below the connection of 2 liter bottle.

Step 4: Insert hose to 2 litter bottle and layer tape.

Step 5: (a) Remove the nozzle from garden hose (b) Turn water on FULL (c) insert hose in the ground using a plunging motion (water-drilling)

Step 6: Insert 2 Liter Bottle hose into the water-drilled hole.

Step 7: Fill the 2 Liter Bottle with water.


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