E = resonance2


AstroSynergy is making waves, waves that will be felt for TY2 = (TIME x YottaBytes2)!

Resonating Squared


Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson with Hang Massive need our help on their continued: Journey of Resonance (RESONATING SQUARED)

Whats the Hubbub?


(Tunnel Vision + Hard Work) / < Procrastination = 72% HUBBUB

Synergy Energy


  Have you ever wondered how a “watchmaker” puts a time piece together….. Have we all NOT asked ourselves this same question at one time or another? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchmaker  



AstroSynergy is conducting scientific research on a subject yet to be measured. We have termed this subject: HUMACULTURE The goal of this research is the role of the human per environmental resources. THE QUESTIONS: (1) How much environmental resource does one human need? (2) Can this be accomplished in equilibrium? (3) Can it be maintained […]

Smiley Face SQUARED


AstroSynergy has conceptualized our most profound AE (alternative energy) plans to date…stay tuned

H2O Resonator


AstroSynergy is pleased to announce our latest development project: “H2O Resonator” This is being developed in conjunction with: Integrated Container Corp. ** Revised (2013 :: 05 :: 30 ::  06:35 UTC) : Target = 528 Hz :: View Video (528 to 540 range desired)   ** Notes: (1) R = Resonance :: There is no […]

Singing in Cosmos Rain

Cosmic Rain

My good friend Jan Chilton turned me on to the below video. Jan is a Trekkie, I am a Jedi Knight…..Alpha and Omega

Where do all the particles go from SOLAR WIND, CME’s, Solar Flares…..


Question: Where do all the particles consisting of Solar Wind, CME’s, Solar Flares,  etc., go? Answer: Clif High has addressed this continuously……IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE! Several geological studies have been released validating Clif’s mention of Earth’s Expansion…..What I find curious is the studies concluded a 1000X increase in “inner core activity” with the reasoning equaling […]

Superdome Power Outage with a dash of SALT


Did anyone attempt to pop a bag of microwave popcorn whilst freestanding in the Dome during the superbowl?



Ancient civilizations looked up observing the sky and stars.

Energy: Frequency to Gravity


Embedded RFID on registered firearms allowing perimeter monitoring via Radio Frequency reception tuned in to RFID frequency range.

Resonance Research with Danny Cudd and the COSMOS


Experiment: Danny Cudd’s Recordings -AND- “Symphonies #1 – NASA Voyager Recordings” Theory:  Rare Earth Magnets attractively opposed in proximity of the instrument output in relationship to H20 vortex movements will produce ASTONISHING energy output. The cosmos resonates similar frequencies…..vibrations in motion from frequency. PURE ENERGY       “If you only knew the magnificence of […]

October Equilibrium


Hurricane Sandy will contribute an equalization effect by lowering the sea water temperatures. (Note: Sea water temperatures are averaging between 2-3 degrees F above average per 100 yr. historical data.) This will benefit the US eastern seaboard in the next 3 months based on current meteorological deviation from historical averages.     Sandy Prediction: Low […]

Wireless Microwave Oven


I wonder what the wireless microwave intensity would be if *600 million mobile Facebook users where consolidated and online simultaneously  (*as of Oct 5, 2012): One has to wonder the wireless microwave intensity at a group event such as the NFL Superbowl game or a Justin Bieber concert.  Could a bag of microwave popcorn be […]

3 degrees of heat equals


3 degrees of excess heat equals the below: “July 2012 was 3.3 degrees above the 20th century average.” (source: NOAA: July 2012 was the Hottest Month on Record) Summer 2012 Predictions: (Jan 3, 2012) –  historic record temperatures. We will see 120-125F in several locations. Fall 2012 Predictions (Jan 3, 2012) – Aug to Sept 2012 […]

Are we missing the opportunity


Many have been reading about extreme temperatures across the nation. I present this question to the scientific community” Are we missing an opportunity for AE device design based on pure solar radiant energy OR focusing on extreme temperatures, drought conditions, and loss of crops? “The amount of solar radiation striking the earth over a three-day […]

Development of 3 AE Devices Underway


AstroSynergy is pleased to announce the development of three alternative energy devices. We realized the three designs compliment one another so we decided to develop all three simultaneously. PLASGEN PortaDome SHOW Turbine “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe” – Nikola […]

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring


Solar optical pressure differential generator:    

Grains of Sand


It is amazing when one looks upon the grains of sand on a beach and realizes that all the grains of sand on earth would not equal all the galaxies and galatical concentrates thereof (i.e. planets) discovered by the Hubble Telescope “DEEP FIELD” research. On another note, we freely give the below for beach equipment […]

Deep Ocean Deep Space


Deep Ocean and Deep Space combined. (photos from Hubble and National Geographic) I posit the curiousities of deep space will become better understood with the continued research on the abyss.

String Theory


 “According to string theory, absolutely everything in the universe—all of the particles that make up matter and forces—is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings. Moreover, every one of these strings is identical. The only difference between one string and another, whether it’s a heavy particle that is part of an atom or a massless particle […]

Resonated H2O


David Sereda exposed an H2O sample to the recorded sounds of the Sun. The above is revolutionary research by David Sereda. I highly suggest the viewer Google “Dr. Masura Emoto” and “David Sereda” to gain insight on the study of H20.  

Solar Redundancy


Two words that stick in my mind are “Murphy’s Law” and Redundancy. Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murphy%27s_law) Redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, usually […]

Solar Geometry


Divisors of 18

Mini Supernova


I resonated *H20 on 2011-07-30 and filled the resonated H20 in a glass jar containing one Amethyst Crystal Cluster for studies on powering one LED light bulb. On 2011-08-13, I noticed a cloud-like substance forming directly over the Amethyst Crystal Cluster. On 2011-08-19, I observed the cloud-like formation  (see below photos). I am awaiting Dr. […]

Magnetic Turbine


– 1/6 of the SG is shown below: – REM scaled 6 N/S + C – HG will show +/-  pts.    

Refraction and Magnification


  Several experiments were conducted to observe the difference of the intensity of visible wave lengths refracting through water. The water was resonated by dripping it on aluminum foil prior to the experiment.   Visit “Wavelengths of Visble Light” by NASA  for information on fingerprints for elements.

Lightning vs Solar Flares

X Class Solar Flare Scale by NASA

The average lightning bolt would light a 100 watt light bulb for three months. (Source NOAA) Large solar flares can release enough energy to power the US for a million years. (Source NASA) To understand Solar Flares, please view the NASA video titled “Solar Flares: What Does It Take to Be X-Class?:” published on 2011-08-09

Rooftop Energy


The majority of rooftops in the southeastern US are singled with black asphalt roofing shingles. These shingles can get up to 185 degrees in the summer months. I estimate the temperature is more towards < 200F / 93C. I was recently asked:  “Why are roofing shingles made out of petroleum based asphalt”? Have you ever […]

Wing Turbine (airborne wind turbine)


Wing Turbine is an upper atmosphere series of wind turbines for kinetic energy transfer to electrical energy.

Nano Hydro Turbine


Nano Hydro Turbine research.  Applications: Rooftop raindrop kinetic energy conversion to energy storage. Contained gravitational kinetic energy conversion to energy storage Contained gravitational kinetic energy conversion to direct (on-grid) connection. Please contact me if you would like to assist in beta testing.

2 Liter Bottle Garden Examples


This article shows the successful fruiting of Cayenne Pepper plants grown in a recycled 2 Liter Bottle. This plant is producing 200% more peppers compared to the the exact same plant species grown in the ground. View the article “Create a garden using self watering recycled 2 liter bottles”  

Self Watering 2 Liter Bottle Examples


View example uses for the Self Watering 2 Liter Bottle. Please view the article on building the Self Watering 2 Liter Bottle. Example 1: Self watering “Haley’s Best” Cantaloupe plants. Example 2: Self watering Cantaloupe vines. Example 3: Self watering “Crimson Sweet” Watermelon plants.  

Self Watering 2 Liter Bottle


View the below photo diagram on making a self watering 2 liter bottle. This photo example shows how to build a “deep root” self watering device with recycled 2 Liter Bottles. Note: This example shows the hose length of 10 inches due to the target plant’s root depth (melon vines). Please research the plant’s root […]

Solar Pressure Differential Generator


SPDG (Solar Pressure Differential Generator) concept draft

Backside of the Sun

Backside of the Sun

Moon Light

DSC_0037 - zoom

Where’s The Sun?


The below photos of the Sun where photographed in series. The last two photos show to location of the Sun.

The Moon and the Oak Tree


Its a bird, a plane, no….


Its a Northwest Airlines 747

Gravitational Flux


I noticed a unique alignment in the making. How exciting!!! (Source: Solar System Scope)



Living organisms contain an average of 70% water.  This parallels the percentage of water on earth. Divid the two percentages and round-off…what is the average result?  

2 Liter Bottle Garden


Recycled 2 liter plastic bottles have many uses. The below photos show step-by-step instructions for making “Self Watering” planters: View the article “2 Liter Bottle Garden Examples” to see garden plants growing in the bottle garden.    

2 Liter Bottle Seed Starters


The below photos depict the time-frame for starting seeds using the recycled 2 Liter Bottle Planter View the 2 Liter Bottle Planter for step-by-step instructions on making a planter from recycled 2 liter bottles.  

Spindle Living


In March 2010, a rotating home concept was roughed-out on paper. The rotating frame concept can be best explained using the slogan “Go With The Flow” or, as I like to put it, “Equilibrium”. The initial purpose of the wind-driven rotating outer frame was structural integrity during high-winds. Other advantages started surfacing such as generating […]

Transfer of Energy


This video shows the Moonflower pedal’s opening in high-speed. Moonflowers will open their bloom’s shortly after sunset. You will notice a shaking-like movement of the Moonflower vines while it’s pedals are opening. The wind was calm during the filming. I became curious as to why the plant was moving so vigorously. I watered the vines […]

Flood Control using Plants

Moonflower photo from 1000birds.com

I started growing the Moon Flower vine in 2010. The Moon Flower grows rapidly based on three observations I documented in 2010: (a) minimum of 50-60% direct sunlight (b) water utilized per growth rate (c) vines can be controlled from overgrowth I am preparing Moon Flower beds located in low lying areas of my yard […]


Definition of Gravity

Gravitation = nothing can exist on it’s own accord  

Ant Intelligence

Fire Ant capturing Aphid

  The below is a video I filmed on Oct 21, 2009. I recommend viewing the video in FULL SCREEN resolution. I filmed a moth on top of a daisy flower. When I edited the footage, I noticed much more than the moth and daisy. This video shows a fire ant capturing an aphid. After […]

Fire Ant Energy

Ant Receives Honeydew from Aphid

Dr. Wilson, I just watched your research featured on NOVA, “Lord of the Ants”. I thank you for lifelong dedication and willingness to enlighten others such as myself. I have quoted several statements you made for future reference. “Equilibrium“ Will they return back to equilibrium? They do come back” Are they the same species? No, […]



Have you been on your computer and your mind begins to wonder effortlessly? Thoughts, ideas, curiosities, visions come in and out of your consciousness. You can’t focus on the dozen or so windows/programs you have open. You see the work in front of you, you know what needs to be done, yet your mind has […]

“Void of Space” or “New Ocean”?


We have heard these two terms: “The Void of Space” and “Space is an Empty Vacuum” Question: (1) Do you think space in an empty void (vacuum)? – OR – (2) A solid, gas, and/or fluid continuum? -OR- (3) What’s your take on space? Please post below. Here’s a few Wikipedia articles to mix things […]

Maxi and Mini Sun Rays

Maxi Sun Rays - Click to Expand

These are technically called “Crepuscular rays” (say that 3 times real fast)

Nighttime Recharge

Mosquito Eater getting energy recharge from incandescent light

Why are insects attracted to light at night? Think about this for a minute. For some reason, I always thought insects are attracted to light at night for protection (is this what you may have thought one time or another too). Then I asked myself “protection from what”? Birds? Most birds don’t fly at night. […]


Copyright 2010 Rich Stevenson

I learned of Nikola Tesla while in engineering school. For the past 2 years I have been studying his work.  Google “Nikola Telsa” and see for yourself. The below if my favorite quote from Telsa: ” When the Great Truth, accidentally revealed and experimentally confirmed, is fully recognized, that this planet, with all its appalling […]

Algae Oxygen

Algae from bird bath.

Algae are small aquatic plants with simple bodies, but some attain large proportions. All algae are characterized by lacking tissues and organs of organ systems, and have few specialized cells. Half of the world’s oxygen supply comes from these simple plants. These plants do not have true roots, stems, or leaves like the higher plants […]

Bottle in a Message


For some unknown reason, I came up with the saying “Bottle in a Message” instead of the traditional “Message in a Bottle” for this post. I credit Dr. Masaru Emoto and his research findings to my 180 degree turn from IT management and web development (15 years) to studies in Astrophysics, Alternative Energy research, and […]

Tree Frog


I heard a sound all day (thought is was a cricket or grasshopper) Then…. Noticed a dried up tree frog on it’s back covered in dog hair.  I immediately started the process of setting up resonance superconductors. The frog started expanding and changing color (dark brown to green) The whole process took 2-3 hours. Steps/Materials/Process: […]

Honeycomb Walls


I will soon be building a self sufficient “Green Home” in the NC mountains. I will be using hexagon quads for the buildings…..start with one and add on as needed. I plan to make the walls with “honeycomb” interiors and then decide what to use as the exterior and interior sheathing. I am asking for […]

Separation of Crude Oil and Water

Magnification of sea level surface water will create updrafts. Substantial pressure differentials will kick start the process of the separation of the oil from the water by way of updrafts. Given the fact oil is lighter than water, and provided, the method was timed in conjunction with a fast moving frontal boundary, the oil should […]

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